Monday, January 22, 2007

Today's class assignment

I found an appliance blog that would definitely count as a consumer-oriented corporate blog. The blog gives people the opportunity to post problems, questions and concerns about their new... or used appliances. I think this is ingenious on the creator's part, but could be a nightmare for companies. One said General Electric is a "junk brand." If enough people get together and complain about their appliances, other people who visit this blog may shy away from that particular brand or product. Just another example of how every company must be aware of blogs because blogs can hurt the company's image.

GM has a blog I would consider a corporate blog. To me, the blog is like an interactive magazine filled with PR puff. The top of the blog contains a message from the Corporate Medical director. The blog also features a photo of the day, video of the week, and entries from GM employees as well as the public. I like this blog a lot because it is visually appealing to the eye and contains many interactive elements through video and photographs.

I found a blog by Craig Newmark, CEO from Craig's List. Compared to the other two blogs, I found this to be much more informal than the others, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. It shows he isn't a stuffy stuck up person, but then again, we would hope CEOs would be able to craft a decent sentence.

This social networking site for Coke really shows how the company is pushing for an 'edgy' look. Gone are the cute, cuddly cola bears, replaced on this site with DJ's and new music. I could see how this page would be compelling for younger viewers to visit. The Coke logo is very visible on the screen, but besides that, there isn't much Coke hype.

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